I will receive my PhD in philosophy from Florida State University in May 2024. I wrote a dissertation about population ethics and animal ethics.

here is some of my writing:     how many lives will electric cars save? (at ars technica)
    let trans women athletes play in female sports (at the herald-tribune)
    should you join your union? (at the washington examiner)
    assessing covid risk (at pea soup)

here are some academic papers I am working on:    a paper defending a lexical, holistic theory of well-being
    a paper defending a virtue ethics approach to animal ethics
    a paper about whether the folk are utilitarian about animals
    a paper about the non-identity problem and the doing/allowing distinction
    (email me for a drafts!)

you can find feedback on my teaching here.

get in touch with me:

I recently made a substack. It’s pretty empty right now, but I hope to add more soon.